"LCPOWER - Luis Carneiro, Soluções de Energia, SA" operates in the stabilized and uninterrupted Energies market, with a complete range of products, such as: UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), AC/DC Rectifiers Systems, Gen-Sets, DC/AC Inverters, Automatic Battery Chargers, DC/DC Converters, Voltage Stabilizers, Inverters and Solar Panels, Battery Monitors Systems and Stationary Batteries.

LCPower represents several international brands from prestigious manufacturers, synonym of high quality standards, such as GE - IMV (General Electric/Invertomatic/Victron), Delta Energy Systems, Fiamm (SPA), among others.

It also offers Global Energy Solutions, which include the equipment and the respective accomplishment of the required infrastructures to its installation and service. Information Technologies, Banks, Insuring, Industry and Hospitals are some of the several areas where the company acts.