The reliability concept has been a subject of increasing matter in the engineering practice. It is closely linked to the nr. 1 purpose of the energy systems: maximum availability of the equipment without imperfections, because the requirement in the performance rates increases, also increases the systems imperfection probability (electric, electronic, mechanical, computing,…).

Regardless of the supplied energy quality, riots can occur at any system, such as: micro-cuts, peaks and voltage oscillations, small voltage amplitude changes, asymmetrical voltages in the three-phase systems or, more seriously, the completely voltage interruption.

Depending on a non-stop quality energy, the equipment's process and store critical information, each time more expensive and important.

Therefore, and considering the amount of stored data, the involved necessary manpower to collect it, as well the vital importance that has for the Organizations, LCPower assures products, solutions and services in the way of a continuous equipment operation with excellent Quality Energy.